How inclusive is your organisation?

More than 1 in 100 people are affected by Autism in the UK. Whatever you do, we can help you adapt your services to become more inclusive. Autistic people are often highly skilled and capable, and have lots to offer to everyone, yet may need some ‘reasonable adjustments’ in order to fully achieve their potential.

The Curly Hair Consultancy will help you make these adjustments. Our model is based on adjustments that are:

  • Easy
  • No cost/low cost
  • Beneficial to everyone, not exclusively those with autism!!

Make a difference to more lives

We want to get everyone working together to make life better for society as a whole. We can assist individuals and organisations with:
  • Autism Training for Employers
  • Workplace Training for Prospective Employees
  • Adapting Services to Better Support Autistic People

Cervical screening tests

We feel very strongly about making cervical screening tests more comfortable for all women (and especially autistic women). Book your 1 hour talk for Nurses and Doctors: How to make cervical screening more accessible for autistic women.

Cervical screening
The Equality Act says that adjustments should be made to…
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Services
    (Shops, Banks, Cinemas, Hospitals, Leisure Centres)
  • Health

The Curly Hair Consultancy helps organisations to make adjustments in 3 key areas:


Staff Understanding & Communication


Important Numbers:

    1 in 100

    Think about how many people visit your shop each day? How many patients do you see? How many customers do you have?


    Conferences and workshops The Curly Hair Project has done


    Organisations have used The Curly Hair Consultancy