Alis Rowe

Alis is the Founder of The Curly Hair Project Ltd

Alis has autism and has used her experiences of visiting various services and organisations in order to develop The Curly Hair Consultancy and it’s unique methods. Alis has written 20 books about her personal experiences of autism and her work is endorsed by the leading psychologist, Professor Tony Attwood. She has won numerous awards for being a successful young entrepreneur and has featured on BBC Radio 4.

Alis has 1st class degree in Chemistry and a Masters. She is an internet and marketing specialist with many years’ experience working in the veterinary and health sectors.

Our Vision

1) Inclusion

Doing our best to ensure we all work together

3) Nurturing talent

Helping people to reach their potential

2) Diversity

Appreciating that everyone can make a unique contribution to the world

4) Improving wellbeing

Making life less lonely and helping people feel more connected

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