Autism Training for Services

How accessible is your service?

Many services are really difficult for people on the autistic spectrum to access and engage with, meaning they might miss out on activities, opportunities and vital appointments such as visiting the GP. For example, someone might have significant mental health problems but are unable to access GP service as they find the system for getting access impossible.

Another example might be going to the gym. Exercise for example, is a fantastic way to improve our mental wellbeing, yet going to the gym might be overwhelming for someone with autism.

The Curly Hair Consultancy can help you make your services more accessible, ultimately helping people with autism to experience life to the full and creating a more inclusive society as a whole.

We can help make services more accessible




Care Homes

Hospitals and GP Surgeries

Leisure Centres

A person with autism may have impairments such as:

Difficulties with social interaction and communication

High anxiety

Sensory overload
(Lights, sounds, colours, smells might be painful and intense)